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Hello world, I've started to play again! Hopefully I can learn how to make better CC than slapping images on a template or running a few actions over things. I'm excited to update my game with all the pretty CC that's been released in the last 5 years!

Wall Tiles

Dec. 22nd, 2012 05:32 pm
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I’m not dead. And I finally made something. A while back, CuriousB Zero made a set for GoS’ monthly theme, and I had asked her for the tile textures aaaaaages ago. I’ve had some stuff saved on my computer but I never got around to getting it in my game. There are a ton of different tiles, but here’s my favorite. It’s only three panels, good for a little niche or corner. Stuck Adele’s borders on top and bottom. Hopefully I can get off my ass and finish the set.
Get it.


Nov. 5th, 2011 01:28 pm
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I name my male sims after my attractive male customers. This is one of Mouseyblue's sims with moderate bodyshop surgery.
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I think I'm getting the hang of simple cut + paste recolors. Here are six recolors of Nemestnaya's (BPS) New Yorker Magazine mesh (included in .zip file). Hope you like them!

Swatch | Download
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I haven't posted a sim up for download in a while. Here is Nergüi, as seen here. She comes with absolutely no CC.
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Continuing with the Travelkeeper recolors, here's the second (and probably last) recolor set featuring art from my favorite artists at dA. An overwhelming sense of dread and failure washes over me when I think about attempting meshing, so I think I'll take it slow and try my hand at simple object recolors instead. Hopefully, I'll have object recolors and meshing under my belt by the end of this year. Wish me luck :)

SwatchDownload (fixed the link, thank you, TL!)
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Two things: I learned how to make simple object recolors (thank you, Nabila!) and I wanted to christen this DW with something decent. Here are four recolors of the BV Travelkeeper mesh with art from my favorite artists on deviantArt. Hope you like it!

Swatch | DownloadAlternate Download


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